What is it that you need? We believe you need a simple and effective way to:
  • Establish tariffs
  • Compare tariffs
  • Analyze the impact of adopting a new set of rates
  • Determine the impact of a different discount level
  • Make your rates available to organizations you chose
  • All without royalties, without license fees and without headaches.
You need trirate.com. The most powerful tariff and rating tool on the web.
With Trirate.com you can
  • Build rates, tariffs and discounting profiles
  • Copy and create new tariffs
  • Compare rates between one tariff and another
  • Build an entire library of rate tariffs
  • Share with customers, carriers and auditors
  • Import and Export rates and tariffs
  • Upload detailed shipment history to use in comparing tariffs
Discover the power. No royalties. No license fees. No hassles.
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Trirate is a growing body of rate management software ranging from the mundane task of rating to the complex task of tariff analysis and pricing. The application of these tools is up to you. You have the flexability to make Trirate fit your needs. If you need more power, sign up for additional tools. It is that easy.
Built on a proven backplane of Microsoft SQL and ASP, Trirate.com has the power to handle all your rate and tariff needs. Integrated with XML capabilities permits Trirate to be used as an interactive programming tool.
Because Trirate.com is a web-based service, it is available anywhere you can gain access to the internet.
Trirate.com is a service, it is not a proprietary set of data. As such there are no license fees or legal documents to sign.